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The “Vale de Cabras” homestead is situated in an agricultural operation which comprises various properties with around 400 hectare, located in Portel mountain range, in the centre of Alentejo and its distances are: 3Km away from Portel, the main city, 20 minutes from Amieira marina and from the big lake Alqueva and 30 minutes away from Beja and Évora – the world heritage city.

The Homestead

The properties are made up of cork and oak mounted, which can be defined as an agro-forest-pastoral ecosystem, enabled by the cork extraction. It also contributes to the survival of the most of the fauna existing in the region and for the protection of the environment.
The agricultural company dedicates to the forest and cattle raising, in the form of biological production, through the cork extraction from cork trees, that occur every 9 years, some of which are centenary (the cork tree is estimated to last around 200 years).
It also dedicates to cattle raising in extensive regime of a flock of sheep, merino race, the trade of lambs, a herd of goats, serpentine race, from which milk and little goats are commercialized, and Alentejano race pigs. The company has just incorporated the agrotourism side.
The mount “Vale de Cabras” is implated on the top of a sierra with a splendid surrounding view and it gives you a familiar environment, allowing you the entrance in the rurality and bustle of an Alentejano Mount where the typical landscape of the region, the silence, the aromas and tastes arouse all your senses.
We provide you resting days and discovery of the mounted and habitat of the resident fauna characterized by its extraordinary rusticity, translated in a perfect adaptation to the climatic conditions and in a good profit of the region’s natural resources.

The House

Be welcome to “The Vale de Cabras Homestead” in the heart of Alentejo, in the middle of the Portel mountain range.
The white and beautiful main house is implanted on the top of the mountain and is integrated with the perfection of the surrounding landscape of this magnificent mountain range.
The effort was to recover and valorize the architectonic heritage, preserving the typical and rural elements of the Alentejano farm, with its identifying traces of the region and the white colour dominates its interior and exterior, associating the modern comfort in the way you can enjoy of a rural but cosy environment.
The house is composed by a large lounge and dining-room, where you can have your meals, and four bedrooms all equipped with private bathrooms. One of the rooms is a suite with a private living room.
The whiteness of the rooms is broken by the intense colours of the typical Alentejano furniture, giving them colour and luminosity.
From any point of the house you can glimpse white spots that compose the slopes of the Portel Sierra. These are our goats clearing the bush, acting against fire in a natural way.
Profit from all the beauty of the Portel Sierra, of the quietness of the days spent under the cork trees , by the pool or let yourself cradle in the hammock suspended in the oak, or simply watch a sunrise or a sunset in the amazing Alentejano sky.
Take a break from your daily agitation and rest, look on, register, harmonize with nature, feel free, because our home is your home.




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